[[History of Vana'diel]]

In the beginning…

Many aeons ago, there was a sentient jewel. A living stone by which all life
was created, banished the darkness, and spawned forth Gods of infinite power.
Their prized creation was the world of Vana'diel, their celestial playground.
Here the gods played, until eventually they fell into slumber. It was during
this time that the children of the gods began to create their own civilization.
They traveled through the sky, extracted gold from stones, and gave birth to
grasslands across the world. These were the Ancients. But, one day, the
Ancients seeking to join their god parents decided to gain entrance into
paradise. Enraged by such a brazen display of insolence, the holy gatekeeper
destroyed their path and cast their homes to the bottom of the sea. Shortly
thereafter, the goddess Altana awakened and saw the ruin that had had once
been Vana'diel. Seeing this she felt an emotion which gods seldom feel,
sadness. She wept for the tiny world and her tears cleared away the damage
done, but that was not all. 5 divine tears fell to the new soil.
Each of these 5 tears was the birth of one of the races of Vana'diel.
Humans, Elves, Halflings, Mithra, and Dwarves. All different, all the same. Altana's
sorrow left and she once again departed, leaving the world to grow in peace
and harmony. 

but the story does not end there.

There was another god, awakened and watching, from his place in the shadows.
Promathia, God of Twilight, angered by what he had seen saw fit to condemn her
work. Bringing out each of the 5 races darkest attributes – the elves'
arrogance, the humans apathy, the envy of the mithra, the cowardice of the
gnomes, and the dwarve's rage. This would curse them to constant internal
conflict. Finally, to seal the deal he created races of his own. These
dark races, the beastmen, were charged with fighting the people of Vana'diel
and occupying their minds. Never again would they think to open the door to
the gods.

There is one final tale however….

While Altana soars on wings of freedom, Promathia is bound in chains.
It is even said that his confinement was a limitation he placed upon himself.
Can this be true? And if so…why? 

The Age of Beasts

The different races of beastmen thrived in the era of darkness, the three largest being the Ogres, Yagudo Kenku, and the Quadav Tortle. The Ogres were the most battle hungry of the 3, with a lust for blood. Their homeland were the dark forests of the Northern Quon continent. The next were the Yagudo Kenku, a bird like race which prided itself on it's religious connection to the gods. Though they were religious in nature it was obvious this state of mind had driven them to fanaticism. The last was the Quadav Tortle, the turtle creatures. Seeking those things precious, they grew to become miners and made their home in the swamps of Southern Quon.  

There were more beastmen which grew in other parts of the world as well. To the islands of the south west, the mighty Antican's came to power creating a massive catacombs beneath the island chains. The far north islands were home to a giant race of beasts called Gigas. The last smaller race was the Sahagins. These fishmen lived in the caves and waters off the coast of the south eastern islands. Together all these "monsters" grew in size and number and soon controlled the mass of the known lands of today.

There was another race as well, the strange Goblins. Unlike other beastmen, Goblins can be found in most regions across Vana'diel. Their flexible lifestyle and adaptability to the surrounding environment have given them the ability to coexist with other beastmen as well as people. Compared to other beastmen, Goblins have developed superior techniques in trades such as smithing and healing. Nowadays they are also considered the most religious of the beastmen. Their cousins the Moblins who live deep within the earth have specifically devoted themselves to worshipping Promathia. With this religion they Goblins and Moblins stay away from the affairs of the other beastmen. It can be said though, that the only real threat of the goblin, is it's high prices.

Over time; however, three new races on the side of right began to fight back against the mindless hordes. The first were the mighty dwarves. Blessed with powerful bodies and brute strength the dwarves were the first new race to create a civilization on Vana'diel. Centered in the Kuzotz island region the dwarves created a massive city spanning the entire island. Having, what they believed, effectively defeated all their enemies there. But, unbeknownst to them, deep below their kingdom was another beastman army. The Anticans a race of ant-like people who had thrived beneath to south of Kuzotz decided it was time to deal with the dwarves. Outnumbering the dwarves, the battle soon turned against the dwarves who, with their remaining numbers, were forced to flee through the ancient tunnels near their capital in hopes of discovering a new world on the other side in which the Antican's could not follow. Though defeated, the dwarves did not easily forget, and deep inside them boiled an unstoppable rage and thirst for revenge. Their civilization was in ruins and their enormous cities soon fell to the mighty Anticans and shifting sands of the Kuzotz.

The second race were the Mithra. These cunning quick witted creatures were the stealthy warriors of the time. Due to the lack of male Mithra, the men stayed home to raise children while the women formed the political and warrior classes. Making their home on the island of Elshimo the Mithra build and maintained a small society. Though active in the battles with the beastmen on their island, they did not seek them out. Protecting their borders was enough for them, and apparently enough for the beastmen, as over time the attacks decreased. It appeared that while not at peace, the beastmen of Elshimo had an understanding with the Mithra. The last were the tiny gnomes. These little creatures while not very strong, were highly intelligent. Though they battled valiantly, the gnome peoples were terrified of the massive horde of beastmen. Weary of the never-ending conflict, and declining in number, the gnomes wandered the world in search of peace. After discovering an uncharted continent, they named the land Windurst and settled down to build a brighter future for their kin. Several decades after the gnomes' long journey had come to an end, a young gnome girl exploring the mysterious towers scattered across the outskirts of Windurst lost her way. It was during the time that she came in contact with last of an unknown race. She was led to what we today call "The Full Moon Well" and the power of magic was bestowed upon her and her people. It was at this time she was given the magical "Book of the Gods" and had a vision of the future. She saw the life of the gnomes for hundreds of years into the future. This girl would be come the first Star Sybil. Together with her people she worked to harness and understand the mysterious power that had been given to them. So began the Great Age of Magic.


[[History of Vana'diel]]

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